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Vietnamese Embassy in Canada warns citizens against unlicensed flights

The Vietnamese Embassy in Canada has warned Vietnamese citizens against engaging in financial transactions with organizations or individuals that pledge to arrange flights back to Vietnam that are not licensed by the Vietnamese government.

After knowing this information, the embassy made this warning.  The Consulate General of Vietnam in Canada also informs that there are some organizations and individuals were collecting deposits to organize flights to bring Vietnamese citizens in Canada back to Vietnam.

The Embassy affirmed that Vietnamese representative agencies in Canada are actively coordinating with authorized agencies back in Vietnam to respond to the wish to go back to Vietnam of Vietnamese citizens in accordance with the Vietnamese Prime Minister’s instructions.

Under the Government’s guidance, need will be given to kids under 18 years of age, the old and the debilitated when repatriation flights are orchestrated, the Embassy said.

After such flights are authorized by the Government, the agent organizations will authoritatively advise the residents of the flights and important data.

The Embassy requested that the residents remain careful, and not to give their own data and take part in budgetary exchanges with associations and people that utilization the name of the delegate offices to gather cash for unlicensed flights.

Vietnamese agent offices in Canada have gotten in excess of 1,100 applications enlisting for repatriation flights up until now, which have been moved to equipped organizations at home for thought.


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